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Praise the Lord – Psalm 150

I had a moment to meditate and pray of Psalm 150 at some point last week. V1 – Praise the Lord in His sanctuary – As Christians we believe that God dwells with us. He is in our hearts. Our bodies are temples. Therefore may we offer ourselves as living sacrifices. May our houses become…

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Meeting God in the Evenings

I am a morning person, and as such, I meet with God deliberately and patiently in the mornings. It’s part of my decision to give God the ‘best’ I have. Of course, as a Christian I have the liberty to enjoy constant communion with God throughout the day. I know that He is with me…

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Lord, don’t you care!

Earlier this week I was struggling to do my workout. I just did not want to do it. So instead I spent a long time thinking about writing up a new workout plan instead. Perhaps I needed to go for another P90x run through…then I thought about how I’d need a new pull up bar…so…

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