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Do whatever is required.

One of the things that I spend an inordinate amount of times thinking about (more so in the past, but still a fair amount now) is the concept of calling. I am frequently asking myself what is God calling me to. When I was a teenager I often answered that question with something along the…

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Called or Qualified for Ministry?

In my experience of being a Christian within so called “charismatic” churches, I have heard quite a lot about being ‘called’ to church leadership. We talk about someone being ‘anointed’ to lead worship or being set apart by God for leadership in a local church. We might say that God has called us to minister…

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Ti-Yong: Blog or Book?

When China began copying alternative models for industrialisation in the 19th Century, they adopted a policy of ‘Ti-Yong’. Which means ’Essence’ and ’Form’. They intended to keep the Chinese Essence – their identity and character. But change their Form to match the approach to development used by the foreign countries. In the same way, I…

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