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“The secret to success is taking an interest in life.” I read this quote recently as part of a personal growth programme I’ve signed up to. And I really do agree with it. I think a lot is written about the importance of self-discipline, perseverance and a good work ethic. These things are great and…

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How to build Trust

“People will follow you for a while because they picked you. But they’ll follow you over the long term because they trust you.” “Charm and charisma are like a glider; they fly, but not indefinitely. And they do not do well in turbulent times” Trust is essential for leadership. But it is also essential for…

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Pain does not equal effort

There’s a bunch of sayings out there that propagate the myth that pain means effort, or effort means pain. And that without pain, we aren’t making an effort. We measure the amount the work someone puts in by how much they’ve had to suffer. And when someone doesn’t feel any pain and yet succeeds we…

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