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A Learning Posture

Each culture and sub-culture will have a slightly different definition of what constitutes a ‘learning posture’. In my neck of the woods, I think reading is characteristic of learning. For some it will be taking online video courses, listening to podcasts. For others it will look like a regular conversation with a wise mentor. We…

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The Reading Wishlist

The truth is I have too many books on my reading Wishlist, and given the rate at which I add more on, it is becoming increasingly unlikely that I will ever get round to completing it. At one point, I split my Wishlist into fictional and non-fiction. It is ridiculous! Furthermore, there are some books…

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Morning Routine with Rewards

Since the beginning of June, I’ve been setting my alarm for 4.45 so I can take part in the 5am Club (after reading a book by the same name). It’s been really good and has helped me get a lot done. But this last week has been tough. With essentially 3-4 hours worth of “free…

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