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Hybrid-Training: The plan

One of the ideals of fitness that I’ve held onto is the ability to lift weights and run long distances. To have good strength as well as endurance. My issue is that I really struggle to get motivated with the cardio aspect of this goal…(and dieting!..but that’s not the focus here!) For probably around 10…

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Pain does not equal effort

There’s a bunch of sayings out there that propagate the myth that pain means effort, or effort means pain. And that without pain, we aren’t making an effort. We measure the amount the work someone puts in by how much they’ve had to suffer. And when someone doesn’t feel any pain and yet succeeds we…

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Running in the Rain

Just a quick evening post. This morning I skipped my morning run. A combination of mixed motives. I woke up late, decided I couldn’t be bothered to run and I really wanted to use the time to delve into God’s word. So I made running a “write-off” for the day and got stuck in: I…

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