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Why suffering and why sin?

I recently came across an answer to this question that I honestly don’t think I’ve heard before. At it’s come from John Piper’s recent book ‘Providence’: ‘There are, no doubt, countless wise and holy reasons God plans to permit sin…[one of these is] that God’s ultimate aim in creation and providence is to display the…

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Genesis 19: We are a lot like Lot

Excuse the pun! As part of my Bible reading plan this year, I recently came across the story of Lot’s rescue from Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s a story that is largely overlooked, in favour of the controversial debate on homosexuality. But in the midst of the debate, is a person whose story reverberates with resemblances…

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Receiving Romans 8

I am Righteous.I am not condemned any longer.I have been given life.I have been set free from sin and death.The righteous requirement of the law has been fully met in me because: I live according to the Spirit. I have my mind set on what the Spirit desires.I have my mind governed by the Spirit.My…

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