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God’s Word – Make Time!

There is a story that Jesus tells about a farmer who goes and scatters some seed. And for various reasons the majority of seed does not grow into plants which bear fruit. Some land on rocky ground, some are eaten by animals, some get drowned by the weeds. After telling the story Jesus explains that…

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Eli’s Passivity vs Repentance

I didn’t discover the terms ‘calvinism’ or ‘arminianism’ until I came to university. Even now, I don’t fully understand them or the nuances behind them. (A large part of me really doesn’t want to understand them) I find it unhelpful to pit God’s sovereignty against man’s freewill. A bit like the age-old debate ‘what came…

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Why I will listen to Bethel Music

In-house, Christian-matters. I don’t usually agree to post Christian debate issues on my blog, because I don’t think it’s actually helpful or encouraging. In this case I will because 1) my blog’s not popular enough, 2) the debate is happening anyway, 3) I think I’m writing towards a peaceful resolution between the two sides. And…

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