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Quick update

Dear supportive readers, I’m sorry I’ve missed a couple of days and will likely miss a few more. Work is pretty busy at the moment, with a few deadlines all coming up together. The result? I’m burning the candle at both ends. So I’m having to be extra cautious and sensible with how I use…

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Time Management – 6 Myths

Peter Drucker, known for much sage advice, has said that: ‘Time is inelastic (it can’t be stretched), irreplaceable (it can’t be replaced or reclaimed), and indispensable (it can’t be done without)!’ In other words, time is important and how we manage it is also important. In order to manage our time well, it helps to…

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Tuesday Tools: Cull the Excess

For the last couple of months I’ve been constructing my own productivity theory. (Forgive me if someone has already beaten me to it!) It’s a cross between minimalism and the theory of diminishing returns! The premise of this theory is that human beings are not good at handling excess, in fact we thrive in a…

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