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Understanding Spiritual Authority

In my thinking recently, I’ve been encouraged to reflect on leaders that I have known or seen in the past, who evidenced Spiritual Authority. (This is part of the Leadership mandate – Hebrews 13:7-8). What did these leaders have in common: 1) Intimacy with Jesus. Probably first and foremost, what attracted me to each of…

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Trust in the Bible

Following on from yesterday’s post, I wanted to share a handful more thoughts and ideas around this concept of trust. Trust is connected to love – we often make trust a separate factor. But the Bible teaches us that ‘love always trusts’ (1 Corinthians 13:7). This is a risky position to take, do we trust…

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How to build Trust

“People will follow you for a while because they picked you. But they’ll follow you over the long term because they trust you.” “Charm and charisma are like a glider; they fly, but not indefinitely. And they do not do well in turbulent times” Trust is essential for leadership. But it is also essential for…

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